AntiBunny for Monday , April 13 , 2015
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Welcome to AntiBunny where you can follow The misadventures of a collection of talking rabbits in the world of Gritty City. Updated Sunday and Thursday. Best viewed at 1024px resolution or higher. This Webcomic is Rated Web-14 for violence, mild swearing, and excessive bunnyness. If you're new to the comic I recommend you use that archive button to the left where you'll be taken to a neatly organized by story archive. Or you can just take your chances and click the "First" button. AntiBunny is updated every Sunday with Gritty City Stories and sometimes Thursdays with side stories. Written, drawn, and copyrighted by Vincent Davis, aka Vinnie D. also the creator of Scribook: The Book of Scribbles. Step into a world of grey..

AntiBunny is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. They're pretty keen, if I do say so myself.